Founded in a belief in possibility, Run to End Poverty (R2EP) brings people together from across Canada with a common goal: to eliminate extreme poverty in rural Africa.

With events in 18 cities across the country, R2EP provides support and funding for Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada’s work in Canada and Africa. At EWB, we recognize that poverty is not caused by the absence of things, but rather by broken systems. By partnering with systemic change ventures, we are dedicated to outsmarting poverty by fixing the broken systems that impact local communities in Africa.

There are three ways to support R2EP and help create smart solutions to end poverty:

  1. Donating supports your friends and family in their run and directly impacts EWB’s ventures.
  2. Sharing information about the run expands awareness of EWB’s work and R2EP’s efforts.
  3. Signing up connects you to a group of people that have similar passions and you will have a direct impact on outsmarting poverty.